May 21, 2024

Zelda Fan Creates Chest Based on Tears of the Kingdom to Hold Amiibo Cards


  • A Zelda fan created a special storage case for amiibo cards inspired by Tears of the Kingdom, providing an organized and authentic solution for storage.
  • The handmade 3D printed purple skull chest can hold several dozen cards and resembles a chest from the game, complete with purple eyes.
  • Fans on Reddit praised the design and expressed interest in owning a similar case, while Sonicstorm81 recommended checking out Etsy for similar products from regular manufacturers.

A Zelda fan created a special storage case for their kids’ amiibo cards that’s inspired by Tears of the Kingdom, and it looks both useful and authentic. Nintendo introduced amiibo in 2014. Featuring both figures and cards, they give fans something fun to collect and can also be scanned to produce various effects in some games. In fact, there are several amiibos with different rewards for Tears of the Kingdom.

While amiibo figures are fit to be displayed on shelves, the cards often require a different storage solution. Some gamers may purchase special folders for them, and others may just put them all in a drawer near their Switch. Of course, some individuals are far more creative and handy. One parent, in particular, decided to take an idea from Tears of the Kingdom to develop a different method of keeping the cards organized.

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A Reddit user and Zelda fan, who goes by Sonicstorm81, posted pictures of the storage case they made for their children’s amiibo cards. 3D printed and designed to look like a purple skull chest from Tears of the Kingdom, it appears capable of holding several dozen cards safely. It also appears quite accurate, looking just like a chest Link might stumble on in Hyrule, complete with purple eyes. Further, unlike Tears of the Kingdom chests that need to be pulled out of the ground, this one is handheld and can always be available when needed.

Fans on Reddit had plenty of positive things to say about the design. There were jokes about how it should still be locked if the eyes are purple, and lots of commenters exclaimed that they’d love to have one of their own. Some also praised the parenting of Sonicstorm81 for taking the time to make such a fun case for their kids. This may not be quite as big as the Pokemon pinball machine made by another dad, but the amiibo card case is still a nice present for a gamer kid.

With rumors of a big amiibo restock on the way, lots of Switch gamers, and Zelda fans in particular, will likely be hoping to pick up something similar. For their part, Sonicstorm81 was advising Reddit users to head to Etsy in their search. While they were able to make their own chest, they explained that other fans could probably find a better deal on something similar from a manufacturer that makes these sorts of items regularly.

Tears of the Kingdom has certainly spurred lots of passion among fans and this passion has been turned into all sorts of creative projects both in and out of the game. This small piece of art for kids’ amiibo cards is just the latest delightful example of this.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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