May 27, 2024

11 best deals on home boxing workout gear on Amazon

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We’re closing out summer and heading into fall with the most intense full-body, cardio-meets-resistance workout: boxing. Not only do boxing workouts work everything from mind to muscle, they build confidence, strength and endurance.  

Before getting started we put our shopping gloves on and found the best deals on home boxing workout gear. From gloves to top-rated punching bags, these sale prices mean you can add boxing to your workout without having to knock out your bank account.

See you in the ring (er, garage gym).

Top home boxing gear deals featured in this article

What you need to do boxing workouts from home

Boxing is one of the most versatile workouts that delivers an intense cardio burn while also building muscle. It’s a great workout for those working out from home because it requires very little space and doesn’t require an abundance of equipment. Here’s what you need to turn your living room, home gym, garage or backyard into your own personal training ring.

  1. Space: Look for a space you can move around without obstruction. If you plan to add jumprope into your regime, you’ll need a larger space to accommodate the swing of the rope in front of and behind you.
  2. Boxing Gloves: You’ll want to protect your hands and wrists with a quality pair of gloves that fit snug (but not too tight) with breathable mesh on the inside to keep your gloves ventilated.
  3. Hand Wraps: Before slipping on your gloves, wrap your hands to protect your knuckles and wrists and offer extra support.
  4. Punching Bag (Optional): Punching bags with stands making boxing from home easy. We recommend a high-quality bag with a sturdy stand or a hanging bag if your space and structure allow.
  5. Skipping Rope: Jumping rope provides a full cardio workout, while building core strength and foot speed. 

Shop the best deals on at-home boxing equipment

From punching bags that can be used in a backyard or garage to Bluetooth-enabled jump ropes, boxing from home has never been more affordable.

Top-rated punching bag: Fiteven Freestanding Punching Bag and Gloves 


Standing approximately 70 inches tall, the Fitven freestanding punching bag features fast-rebound, 360-degree shock and noise absorption. You can increase strength training by removing the spring for less vibration. Weighs up to 205 pounds when filled with sand.

Twelve strong suction cups keep the bag in place and the multi-layer construction ensures durability over time. Rated 4.5 stars.

Fitven Freestanding Punching Bag with Gloves, $140 (reduced from $200)

$140 at Amazon

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Boxing workout essential: Liberlupus Boxing Gloves 


Featuring three layers of foam padding to provide maximum cushioning for hands and knuckles, these 4.7-star rated boxing gloves from Liberlupus are durable essential for any at-home boxing workout. The full wraparound wrist strap with hook-and-loop closure makes for a secure fit and the breathable mesh keeps your gloves cool and dry. 

Liberlupus Boxing Gloves for Men & Women, from $30 (reduced from $33)

$30 and up at Amazon

Don’t forget to protect your hands, wrists and knuckles with under-glove wraps. We like this deal from Sanabul.

Sanabul Elastic Boxing Handwraps for Men & Women (180 inch), $7 (reduced from $10)

$7 at Amazon

Boxing tech: Crossrope Amp Bluetooth Jumprope


Level up your footwork, cardio, core strength and endurance with Crossrope’s Bluetooth connected AMP handles, which offer real-time feedback, activity tracking and progress stats.

This deal comes with AMP handles, 1/4-, 1/2- and one-pound ropes. Also compatible with two-pound rope and Crossrope’s ropeless option.

Crossrope AMP Jumprope Set and app, from $170

$170 and up

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