March 3, 2024

Andrew Tate claims MrBeast rigged a giveaway after not winning: “This is a lie”

Published: 2023-08-03T04:25:37

  ❘   Updated: 2023-08-03T04:25:50

Andrew Tate has claimed that MrBeast rigged a recent Twitter giveaway after not winning, alleging the competition was a “lie” and the winner had their submission botted. 

On July 14, MrBeast announced a giveaway in a simple tweet. The giveaway was announced around the time Twitter opened up its revenue-sharing program with verified users. 

And MrBeast, one of the internet’s most followed personalities, was promising to give away a month’s worth of the revenue to whoever got the most liked reply under his post. “Whoever has the most liked reply to this in 48 hours gets all my Twitter revenue for the next month,” the post read. 

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Naturally, many decided to reply in hopes of winning, some even pledging to donate the winnings to charity while others used it as an opportunity to joke around. One of those who participated was Andrew Tate who promised to use the money for his own charity, Tate Pledge

However, Andrew Tate did not win the giveaway when all was said and done. A French content creator, Arkunir, did, amassing 472.8K likes just two days after the giveaway was announced. Meanwhile, Andrew Tate’s reply is at 279.6K likes as of writing. 

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After not being declared the winner, Tate has now gone on to claim that the giveaway was rigged and Arkunir’s tweet was bottled, with thousands of fake accounts inflating their likes.

A day after the winner was declared Tate went on to claim that Arkunir receiving the most likes was a “lie.” “They botted a random tweet after I won,” Tate claimed.

Further adding, “They botted a random tweet after I won. They refuse to donate to Islamic countries. Refuse to help innocent children. Refuse to help the world. They only want to push the agendas of Satan.”

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As for what Arkunir did with his winnings, he gave the money to an animal protection foundation. With the organization, Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis later acknowledging Arkunir’s efforts with French news covering the massive donation. 

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