May 27, 2024

Deliver Premium User Experiences Across The Full Tech Stack

Digital experiences have never been more closely tied to revenue and user satisfaction than they are today and 84% of technologists agree — maintaining application performance is more important than ever. As a result, IT executives responsible for delivering premium user experiences are now equally responsible for revenue growth. Understandably, IT leadership roles are rapidly gaining C-suite support for tools, talent and processes that accelerate application development and issues remediation across complex app environments.

Removing Barriers To Innovation

Unfortunately, organizational silos are not as effective as they used to be but are often still in play. These siloed IT operation teams often create barriers that make identifying, prioritizing and fixing app performance issues arduous. To make things more difficult, siloed business units tend to leverage siloed tools. And many of these teams are still rooted in manual processes that slow productivity and stunt the ability to leverage digital innovation for growth. But that’s not all. In a world where it takes just one annoying digital glitch while interfacing with an app to lose a user forever — consistent customer churn can damage the brand. Moving fast enough requires collaboration between AppOps, DevOps and NetOps where triage and troubleshooting can be automated across application health, network health and multi-cloud performance in a shared tool.

Full-Stack Observability Can Help Eliminate Silos

The latest enhancements to the Cisco Full-Stack Observability platform have answered the call to resolve friction between technologists and user experience. Now, the OpenTelemetry-based integration of internet intelligence from Cisco ThousandEyes and application observability from Cisco AppDynamics is a reality. With this bi-directional integration, application, network and data teams can gain an optimized joint operations tool that delivers on two major full-stack observability use cases – app dependency monitoring and customer digital experience monitoring (CDEM).

CDEM: The Game Changer You’ve Been Waiting For

This recent integration enables technologists to quickly understand how and where applications, network and multi-cloud are affecting digital user experience; it’s a game changer that puts siloed teams on the same page quickly and enables everyone to set priorities on KPIs that align with the business. CDEM helps teams better understand how users engage with an application across devices and platforms — and bi-directional integration provides insights into application and the network — all in one place.

“Without AppDynamics, we would need to correlate data from different sources to figure out what’s happening right now. Now, we can turn to AppDynamics and answer questions around performance and dependencies that otherwise would be nearly impossible to resolve.” Vincent Lamonde, Director of Cloud Ops, Insurity

Optimizing User Experiences To Hit Growth Targets

As a key performance indicator echoing through C-suites and eStaffs, user experience is a mounting priority for technologists. Teams feeling pressure to innovate, accelerate, protect and deliver the high-performing digital experiences users demand. What’s needed is a shared, holistic view and this out-of-the-box integration from Cisco delivers a comprehensive understanding of the health and performance of applications. Thus, problems are identified earlier, action can be taken sooner, user experience issues are resolved faster and customer satisfaction can be monitored and improved in real-time. But that’s not all the benefits of CDEM. On top of correlated insights, CDEM streamlines workflows with actionable recommendations that can empower cross-functional teams to be more efficient, effective and diligent in their charter to drive revenue growth.

The Value Of Bi-Directional Application And Network Integration

In this recent addition to the Cisco Full-Stack Observability portfolio, Cisco AppDynamics plays a key role in providing real-time ingestion of network metrics and embedded internet intelligence that can help AppOps and DevOps teams explain the impact of network performance issues on users. Enabled by a shared view, the tool can eliminate finger pointing between applications and network teams. On the network side from Cisco ThousandEyes, real-time dependency mapping from AppDynamics can help streamline network test creation and deliver actionable test recommendations and pre-configured test templates that uncover observability gaps. And most importantly for KPIs that drive business — application health indicators embedded in ThousandEyes dashboards can help NetOps prioritize network remediation based on what matters most to the business.

CDEM helps teams across IT Operations resolve network outages faster, proactively monitor and troubleshoot application health and improve decision-making across the business. In doing so, it enables technologists to drive growth through user experience that the organization expects. Schedule a demo to see CDEM in action.

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