June 19, 2024

Bungie Going After Destiny 2 Cheat Makers


  • Bungie is aggressively taking legal action against Destiny 2 cheat manufacturers, already shutting down three sellers and winning millions in damages.
  • The developer has filed a lawsuit against Ring-1, a cheat seller accused of endangering user hardware, and is pursuing 10 named and 50 unnamed defendants.
  • Bungie is also targeting individuals who harass Destiny 2 developers and has decided to reduce its engagement with the community on Reddit due to ongoing harassment issues.

Bungie is continuing its crusade against Destiny 2 cheat manufacturers as it has sued Ring-1. Bungie has already seen great success in its battle against Destiny 2 cheat sellers, and it plans to keep the momentum going.

Bungie’s campaign against Destiny 2 cheat manufacturers has been active for a while now, and it has managed to take down at least three sellers so far. On top of that, Bungie has also been awarded millions by in damages in its victory against the cheat sellers, which is a win-win for the developer as the lawsuits also shut down the sellers’ operations. It initially saw minor setbacks where a court dismissed Bungie’s claims against a Destiny 2 cheat seller named AimJunkies, but Bungie came back with a vengeance and was eventually awarded $4.3 million in damages. Now, it is in pursuit of another such seller and is looking to shut their operations for good.

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As reported by TorrentFreak, Bungie gave out a stern warning in its lawsuit against Ring-1 by saying “The days of Destiny 2 cheaters being free to engage in a wholesale assault on the Destiny 2 game and its community without fear of consequences are over.” When Bungie initially sued Ring-1 in 2021, it reached a settlement with 3 of the 4 accused in the case. However, Bungie noted that the seller has continued to sell cheats despite the initial lawsuit, and also mentioned that Ring-1’s cheats are “particularly dangerous” which put the user’s hardware at risk. This time, Bungie is chasing 10 named and 50 unnamed defendants who are associated with Ring-1. The cheat manufacturer is now facing several allegations in the form of DMCA violations and even a Civil RICO prosecution, as Bungie claims that Ring-1’s “conspiracy” directly harmed its operations.

Bungie has already been awarded millions in damages, where it also recently got around $6.7 million in damages from a seller named LaviCheats. Apart from cheat makers, Bungie is also suing individuals who harassed Destiny 2 developers. For instance, it recently won a case against one particular player who threatened a developer and their spouse. Since such harassment is still prevalent in the community, Bungie has decided to pull back on engaging with the Destiny 2 community on Reddit.

One thing this campaign has proved is that Bungie is not to be trifled with and that its lawyers won’t stop until the cheat sellers are shut down completely. A Bungie lawyer has also explained that pursuing such lawsuits is “good business” for the company, so it won’t stop its war against Destiny 2 cheat makers anytime soon.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: TorrentFreak

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