May 19, 2024

Five Nights At Freddy’s Plus Removes Creator Following Rickroll Apology

The creator of Five Nights At Freddy’s Plus, Phil Morg (also known as Phisnom on Twitter), has been removed from the game following some recent controversies and a rickroll apology after a community member received death threats.

For Five Nights at Freddy’s fans, one of the most exciting things happening with the series (aside from the movie, of course) is Five Nights at Freddy’s Plus, a fan-made reimagining of the first game that was revealed back in 2020 and has been officially endorsed and supported by the series’ original creator, Scott Cawthon, as part of The Fazbear Fanverse Initiative.

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Although the project was created by Phisnom, it seems that it might be continuing without him following some recent controversies within the Five Nights at Freddy’s community. As summed up by Redditor Watch-The-Skies on the FNAF subreddit, the issues began on July 29, when Phisnom streamed himself playing the Ruins DLC for Security Breach, which was criticised by fans due to his bad attitude while playing, ending in a tweet from him that read “well, that was boring”.

Fans weren’t happy about the way Phisnom reacted to the new DLC, with one in particular, G0LD3NR4BB1T, sharing the tweet and jokingly saying, “can we tweet this after FNaF+ comes out, it’s only fair”. After this, G0LD3NR4BB1T was hit with death threats and sent disgusting videos of gore, which caused them to delete the tweet out of fear that Phisnom was getting harassed for the stream.

When told about what G0LD3NR4BB1T had been sent, Phisnom responded by jokingly tweeting for people to send him death threats, as well as writing a Google Docs apology that ended in a rickroll, clearly not taking the situation seriously. To make matters worse, G0LD3NR4BB1T showed proof that they’d been sent horrible videos and messages because of their tweet and Phisnom just liked the tweets and then proceeded to block them on Twitter.

Since then, Phisnom has made a statement on Twitter that they don’t tolerate someone being sent death threats over the situation, but it’s seemingly too little too late, as it appears that he’s been outright removed from Five Nights At Freddy’s Plus. Not only has his name been removed from the Steam page (leaving only Clickteam), but the official Twitter account has also unfollowed him on Twitter and removed his name from the bio.

It’s not yet clear what this means for Five Nights at Freddy’s Plus as, while Phisnom is the creator of the project, he’s not the only person to have worked on it. It’s also all been made with Scott Cawthon’s license, so it’s entirely up to him what ends up happening with the game in the end.

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