May 21, 2024

IShowSpeed in tears after reaching massive YouTube milestone in hospital

Published: 2023-08-03T22:15:34

  ❘   Updated: 2023-08-03T22:15:46

IShowSpeed got emotional after reaching 19 million subscribers on YouTube in a heartwarming stream as he recovered from an intense sinus infection in the hospital.

IShowSpeed is one of YouTube’s biggest streamers, dominating viewership throughout 2022 alongside fellow broadcaster Dr Disrespect.

Like other influencers, follower count is important to Speed, and he was gearing up to hit 19 million subscribers on August 3, 2023, just two years after officially migrating to YouTube from Twitch in 2021.

However, this wasn’t a normal milestone for the streamer. At the end of July, Speed was rushed to the hospital during his stay in Japan after he experienced an extremely painful cluster headache.

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IShowSpeed is currently recovering from a severe sinus infection.

It was later revealed that Speed was experiencing a severe sinus infection — one that resulted in the swelling of his right eye. According to one of the streamer’s friends, he could have lost that eye had he not received urgent medical attention.

IShowSpeed cries after reaching19M subs in heartwarming YouTube stream

Speed is still recovering in the hospital, but his fanbase is helping him weather the storm. Speed was poised to reach 19 million subscribers and kicked off a live stream to celebrate the moment.

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“I didn’t wanna miss this moment with y’all boys,” he said. “I’m still hospitalized, as you can see, but I didn’t wanna miss this moment with y’all. I know I’m still sick, I know a lot is still going on. But chat, how could I miss this lovely moment with y’all boys?”

Unfortunately for him, his fans decided to seemingly troll the streamer and mass-unsubscribed from his channel right as he was about to hit 19 million subs. Speed was a bit frustrated at this, and ended up having to rest his eyes as a result of the supposed stress, saying he might need a nurse to help him with the pain.

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Luckily, he managed to reach the milestone in the end in a heartwarming moment that left the YouTuber in tears.

His channel now boasts 19 million subscribers — marking the start of a new era for the streamer as he continues to make his recovery, with support from his fans at every step of the way.

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