May 27, 2024

Kickstarter Will Require Projects to Disclose Whether They Use AI


  • Kickstarter is changing its policy to require projects to disclose if they will be using AI and how it will be used, addressing the growing debate around AI in entertainment.
  • The new rules will go into effect on August 29 and will require projects involving AI to explain where they will get data from and how it will be used, as well as how AI will factor into their project while protecting the rights and privacy of others.
  • Kickstarter is not banning AI projects but wants to ensure potential backers have all the information before deciding to support a project, and the policy may be updated as they observe its effectiveness.

Kickstarter has announced a coming change to its policy that will require future projects to disclose if they will be using AI and, if so, how it will be used. Since launching in 2009, the crowdfunding platform has represented a major opportunity for creative individuals looking to bring various projects to life and products to the market. In particular, indie video game and board game developers have seen a big boost from Kickstarter.

Many Kickstarted video games became iconic, and some of the most popular board games in recent years, including hits like Gloomhaven, were made possible by crowdfunding. Of course, getting a project on the site is a privilege and requires following Kickstarter’s policies. Now, the company is adding to its rules in response to the growing debate around the use of AI in entertainment.

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Kickstarter tweeted an announcement regarding a new AI policy with a link to all the details. The new rules, set to go into effect on August 29, will require all new projects to disclose if they will be using AI to develop “images, text, or any other output.” Further, projects that involve creating new AI must explain where they will be drawing data from and how it will be used. In either case, such projects will have to release details explaining how AI will factor into their project and how the rights and privacy of others will be protected.

In the announcement, Kickstarter emphasized that it is not banning projects that involve AI on its platform. Instead, this new policy is meant to ensure that potential backers will be fully informed about the nature of AI in projects, so they can choose what they want to support. Kickstarter also added that this policy will be updated and refined over time as it observes how it works. This last point echoes Valve’s recent stance on AI in Steam games, and it seems to be an attempt to provide guidance while maintaining flexibility.

This news comes as AI use in creative projects has received increased attention and become the subject of controversy. Recently, a Metal Gear Solid actor expressed unhappiness about AI used to recreate his voice, and AI in the television and film industry has been a central point in the ongoing strike by actors and writers.

Emerging AI technology is certainly amazing and holds great possibility for creative endeavors. Nvidia has developed AI NPCs that can interact with people in real time, and many artists are excited by what they can do with these new tools. Still, the potential dangers and ethical concerns are enough to give more than a few observers pause. Kickstarter‘s new policy indicates that it’s listening to these concerns and taking them seriously while still leaving the door open for some use of the technology in the future.

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