May 24, 2024

Pokemon Fan Designs New Evolutions for Ekans, Krabby, and Cubone


  • A Pokemon fan created new evolutions for Ekans, Krabby, and Cubone, which are getting attention for their clever details and faithful design traits.
  • Pokemon fans continue to show love for the original 150 Pokemon, with countless fan art dedicated to them.
  • The fan art received positive feedback from other Pokemon fans, who praised the designs and suggested possible names for the new evolutions.

A Pokemon fan has created new evolutions for Ekans, Krabby, and Cubone that have caught the attention of other fans for their clever details while keeping the original design traits. Pokemon is a franchise known for its diverse character designs that often spark debate between fans.

Although Gen 9 has fan-favorite monsters like Fuecoco, Tinkaton, and Clodsire, there is still a lot of love for the first 150 Pokemon, with countless fan art dedicated to it. One example is fan art with Ekans, Krabby, and Cubone, three original Pokemon from Gen 1. Ekans is a Poison-type with the appearance of a purple serpent that became best known for being one of the first Pokemon used by Team Rocket in the Pokemon anime. Krabby is a Water-type crustacean with a strong outer shell that can get aggressive if provoked. Cubone has one of the saddest Pokedex entries in the franchise, with the appearance of this little Ground-type Pokemon being part of its lore.

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Reddit user Tonny_Art created new evolutions for Ekans, Krabby, and Cubone, and shared the fan art with fellow gamers. The first design makes an evolution between Ekans and Arbok, which is one of the best pure Poison-type Pokemon. It gives the Pokemon a different pattern than Arbok while combining Arkbok’s body with Ekans’ facial features, giving the new evolution an almost friendly look. Krabby received a design for its evolution, Kingler, where the Pokemon has metal claws and a metal jaw. The spikes on top of its head that resemble a crown have increased in quantity, emphasizing the Pokemon’s imposing aura. Tonny_Art also created a new evolution for Marowak, Cubone’s final form, and it works as a mix of the two Pokemon’s designs, increasing its physical size.

Users of the Pokemon subreddit made several comments praising the fan art, with other Pokemon fans expressing their preference for the Kingler’s evolution, a Pokemon with a weird Gigantamax design. Tonny_Art didn’t come up with names for their evolutions, and instead asked other users for suggestions, getting several responses. One of the comments suggested the name Empincher for Kingler’s evolution, giving the idea of a Pokemon more powerful than a king and still crab-related. Another comment suggested the name Eldoon for the Ekans’ evolution, and a third Redditor gave the idea of the name Skulpierce for the Marowak evolution.

Official Pokemon designs are always inspiring fans to bring something new to the table, giving a different spin to Pokemon. With such a creative community, Pokemon fans seemingly never stop producing a steady stream of works inspired by the franchise that demonstrates their love for the Pokemon universe.

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