May 21, 2024

Pokemon Fan Shows What Professor Oak and Agatha Might Have Looked Like When They Were Young


  • A Pokemon fan shared artwork of a younger Professor Oak and Agatha, offering a new perspective on the characters.
  • Professor Oak’s design is based on the character Sam from the Pokemon movie, suggesting a connection between the two.
  • Fans praised the artwork and speculated about the relationship between Professor Oak and Agatha, calling for more art of older characters turned young.

A creative Pokemon fan has recently shared artwork of what they thought Professor Oak and Agatha would look like before they grew older. With many in the community familiar with these Pokemon characters already being a certain age when they encounter them in the video games or animated series, seeing them younger and in their prime offers a different perspective of the character.

Long-time fans of the Pokemon franchise know Professor Oak and Agatha quite well. They first appeared in Gen 1, with Professor Oak giving the player their starter Pokemon in Pallet Town at the beginning of the game, while Agatha is encountered later on, as one of the Elite Four champions. Over the years, these NPCs have made cameos across different media, whether it’s in the manga, anime, or a Pokemon spin-off video game like Pokemon Masters EX. Given their prevalent presence, it’s not surprising for the player base to be quite curious about their lore and backstories, resulting in the creation of design concepts and theories by the fans.

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On Reddit, user CycloneToya shared design concepts of what they thought Professor Oak and Agatha would look like if they were younger. Their version of Pokemon‘s Professor Oak is highly based on what Sam, one of the key characters in the Pokemon 4Ever – Celebi: The Voice of the Forest movie looks like. This is likely because there are many hints given in the movie indicating that Sam is the younger version of the professor. With Agatha, the artist uses a bit more creative liberty in their design, but retains the character’s iconic center-parted blonde hair and violet-shaded outfit. They even kept Agatha’s green shawl but used it as a skirt cover-up instead.

Comments on the Reddit thread complimented CycloneToya’s work, with many wondering what other older characters from the Kanto region would look like if they were younger. One also appreciated the callback to Sam’s design from the Celebi movie. Another also brought up the relationship between Professor Oak and Agatha, theorizing that the former rivals were actually lovers that broke up due to the different paths they had to take in their future.

No doubt, the influence of these characters, even though they have been in the franchise for so long, is still quite noticeable. According to their Reddit profile, CycloneToya has been making a lot of Pokemon-themed fan art and concept designs recently, so, hopefully, they make more of these Pokemon character artworks in the future as well.

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