May 24, 2024

Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Warned Against Picking The Dark Urge On Their First Playthrough

Baldur’s Gate 3 players warn others against playing through their first run as the Dark Urge. This comes as fans realise that this origin is entirely different to the others, with less player agency and much, much more horrific acts of violence.

This is the same message that Larian Studios issued fans when it revealed the Dark Urge origin just before launch. While it is, unlike some other origins, fully customisable, it often takes matters out of your control, forcing your hand in ways you might not want to see in your first playthrough. Instead, the devs suggest that you start out as an ordinary custom character, giving you a slightly more optimistic introduction to Faerûn. At least one with fewer gruesome murders.

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Warning: Spoilers for the early hours of Baldur’s Gate 3’s Dark Urge playthrough ahead. The name of the origin makes it pretty clear that things won’t be going smoothly if you opt for this unique run. However, players who are afflicting their first character with these thoughts are now finding that it’s more than they bargained for, and there’s very little they can do to stop it.

Perhaps the clearest example that players have discovered so far is that, regardless of your actions, you’ll find yourself responsible for a horrific murder fairly early on. And just so you can really feel the weight of your actions, Larian spared no expense on the gore, so huge NSFW warning for the images below.

Even if you ignore scripted moments like this, you’ll find it hard to avoid further bloodshed. At every turn, it seems like your morality and willpower are put to the test,

“Dark Urge is not for the faint of heart nor for people who want a standard run/experience,” says Reddit user Jbarney3699. “You will have far more saving throws and events that can result in really bad consequences, just from missing a single saving throw.

“Unless you are save scumming, expect for the unexpected to happen quite often, and some pretty bad consequences occurring.”

The good news is that if you go for any other kind of origin, then you’ll have this horrific tale waiting for you when you’re done. Hopefully, this will add to the replay value – and the difficulty, since you’ll be essentially fighting against yourself for the whole game. Bonus points to anyone playing as a Paladin, as the first murder of an innocent will immediately make you an Oathbreaker, a new class altogether. Sure, you can become a Paladin again for the right price, but that won’t help you out if you just go around killing again. Good luck.

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