May 27, 2024

New Lego Harry Potter Game Might Have Leaked


  • A leak suggests a new LEGO Harry Potter game may be in the works, exciting fans who have been waiting for a new installment in the franchise.
  • The recent success of Hogwarts Legacy has reignited interest in all things Harry Potter, making this a potentially perfect time for a new LEGO game.
  • While the leaked Instagram post has been deleted and there is no official confirmation, the coinciding date with the Gamescom event adds credibility to the rumor. Fans are eagerly awaiting more information.

A recent leak may have just revealed a new LEGO Harry Potter game on the way. LEGO games have been a hit with fans for years and have seen cross-overs with several major franchises, including Star Wars and Batman. Gamers who love the Wizarding World, however, haven’t seen a new LEGO game set in the world of Harry Potter since the release of LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7. This may be changing in the near future if rumors of a new LEGO Harry Potter game are accurate.

It’s been a while since the subseries of LEGO games got a new release, but Harry Potter is seeing a revival in popularity at the moment. Many feel that, thanks to its massive success, Hogwarts Legacy proves LEGO games could tell more Harry Potter stories. With a resurgence of interest in all things related to Hogwarts, now could be the time to revive the LEGO games. It seems developer TT Games and publisher Warner Bros. may be thinking along the same lines.

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An Instagram post that reportedly appeared on the Warner Bros. South Africa account allegedly featured an image of LEGO Harry Potter, the TT Games logo, and the date August 25, 2023. The post was deleted shortly after, but it has been preserved and sent to some journalists, and efforts to confirm its authenticity are ongoing. So far, neither TT Games nor Warner Bros. have issued any official statements on the matter.

With no official confirmation from the companies involved, and the post deleted, this news is just a rumor for the time being. Still, there is reason to hope that it could be accurate. People have been saying for some time that another Wizarding World LEGO game needs to happen, and there have been rumors that one is in the works. It has also been noted that date of August 25 coincides with the Gamescom event which would be a plausible time to release the game.

The past LEGO Harry Potter games occupy a high tier among Harry Potter games in general and many fans would certainly agree that they’re due for another installment. These players will surely welcome these rumors and mark their calendars for Gamescom and August 25. What should already be a highly anticipated show may just be getting a little more attention in the coming weeks.

Some have argued that Hogwarts Legacy should start a new era of games in the Wizarding World and a new Lego Harry Potter could very well kick this era off. While the news is far from certain, there’s enough corroborating evidence to take it seriously and keep an eye out for more information as Gamescom approaches.

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