February 23, 2024

Pokemon Fan Creates Paradox Form for Marshadow


  • Gamers have been creating their own unique forms for Pokemon, including Marshadow, sharing impressive and creative ideas.
  • A Reddit user posted a futuristic concept for a Paradox form of Marshadow, giving it a robotic and enigmatic appearance.
  • Fans are enthusiastic about the concept, suggesting names for the new form.

A fan of the Pokemon series has shared their idea of a futuristic concept for the Mythical creature Marshadow. Gamers have been creating their own versions of these special pocket monster forms since they were introduced in the 9th Generation of Game Freak’s RPG series. Numerous players have come up with their own Paradox forms for Pokemon that do not have one yet, leading to impressive and creative ideas for various creatures.

The Pokemon Marshadow was introduced in Generation 7 of the series and is the last pocket monster in the Alolan Pokedex. It had a major role in one of the Pokemon movies and also made appearances in the franchise’s anime and manga. Marshadow is a Fighting/Ghost-Type pocket monster and is the only one that can learn the move Spectral Thief. When the creature becomes angry or attacks, it can take on an alternate form called Zenith Marshadow, which sees parts of it flare up that resemble green and yellow flames.

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A Reddit user named PhatmonMonstraros shared their take on a Paradox form for Marshadow. The artist gave the Pokemon a futuristic take, with much of its body now composed of steel and other mysterious metals. According to PhatmonMonstraros, this version of Marshadow is an enigmatic and awe-inspiring robotic pocket monster that shows off both advanced technology and ancient mystique. While the artist did state that they stuck with the Fighting/Ghost-Type for Paradox Marshadow, they said it could also be Steel/Ghost or Steel/Fighting.

PhatmonMonstraros’s take on a futuristic Marshadow is gaining traction, as the post has already reached over 1,500 upvotes. One commenter stated that Game Freak should hire fan artists to start creating Pokemon, as they felt that the Paradox forms felt stale. A number of users came up with their own names for the pocket monster, which included ideas such as Iron Thief, Iron Wisp, and Iron Reaper. PhatmonMonstraros’s concept for a Paradox Marshadow looks great and is something that would be a fantastic addition to the games as a part of the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC.

The Paradox Marshadow is not the only Pokemon concepts that PhatmonMonstraros has come up with and shared on Reddit. The artist has also designed Mega Evolutions for a number of starter pocket monsters such as Delphox and Chesnaught. They have also made their own creatures, including a Pokemon called Banshenero, which is based off of the ghost pepper. PhatmonMonstraros has come up with a number of great ideas and showcases great creativity through their designs. Hopefully the artist will continue to come up with and share more concepts, as Pokemon fans will surely enjoy whatever they come up with.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Switch.

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