April 24, 2024

My Nintendo Direct highlight combines my favorite battle royale with Smash Bros

There was a lot to love at yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, but one game that’s caught my eye is an intriguing reimagination of my favourite game to come out of the battle royale boom.

Hark back to the years after PUBG and Fortnite, and you may remember that pretty much any game that could reasonably try its hand a battle royale mode did so. There were the obvious candidates, like Battlefield and Call of Duty. There were the twists on the formula that found moderate success, like Realm Royale or The Darwin Project. And then there were games that were the death throes of entire studios, like Radical Heights. Eventually, we found our way to things like Tetris 99, which took little more than the last-player-standing idea and stapled it to the most popular game of all time. We’d come full circle.

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