April 17, 2024

Starfield Player Builds Waffle House in the Game


  • Starfield’s outpost building mechanics show impressive versatility, as one player recreated a Waffle House in the game’s version of Earth.
  • Starfield’s building aspect has notable functional improvements compared to Fallout 4, including the ability to start outposts on any unclaimed land.
  • Although building a Waffle House in Starfield is fun, Earth is not the best planet for outposts, lacking life and valuable resources.

One Starfield player recreated a Waffle House restaurant in Bethesda’s latest title with some rather impressive results. Their unique creation later made the rounds on social media, illustrating the impressive versatility of Starfield’s outpost building mechanics.

While some fans feel that Starfield’s outposts lack the charm of Fallout 4’s settlements, the building aspect of the game still boasts some notable functional improvements compared to Bethesda’s last single-player RPG. Chief among those changes is the ability to start outposts on any unclaimed piece of land, which allows for an unprecedented level of building freedom in an unmodded Bethesda game.

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One of the most recent additions to the growing list of unique outposts that the game’s fandom managed to construct to date comes in the form of a Waffle House recreation made by TikTok user St4rboy. Although futuristic, the fan’s structure still manages to capture the bistro courtyard aesthetic of the real-world greasy-spoon chain, largely thanks to its window walls and a minimalist interior that separates the kitchen from the dining area with a bar counter.

Elaborating on the decision to recreate a Waffle House in the game, St4rboy jokingly said that he wanted to “bring back the one place that could withstand anything” after finding out that Starfield’s version of Earth was destroyed. He ended up situating his restaurant recreation within the view of the NASA launch tower near Cape Canaveral, possibly because one such restaurant actually exists in real-life Florida. The NASA tower itself is one of the 12 landmarks found on Starfield’s rendition of Earth, and the only one that players will get to visit during the course of the main story.

While some fans clearly can’t pass up the opportunity to build yet another Waffle House in Florida, those looking to expand across the Settled Systems in a maximally efficient manner might want to avoid humanity’s home planet altogether. Namely, Earth isn’t exactly the best planet to house a Starfield outpost, as it’s entirely devoid of life and lacks the most useful in-game resources such as titanium, aluminum, iron, and copper.

That alone wouldn’t be a problem if Starfield didn’t restrict the number of outposts that can be built, but it does, so it is. More specifically, the game initially limits players to eight outposts, while repeated investment in the Planetary Habitation skill can eventually up that figure to 24.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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