April 18, 2024

TikToker ported in Jamaica was kicked off cruise for carrying medical marijuana

Published: 2023-09-15T16:08:02

  ❘   Updated: 2023-09-15T16:08:17

A TikToker was told he had to leave his cruise while ported in Jamaica for carrying medical marijuana with him on the ship.

A TikToker by the name of Drew was enjoying a family reunion while on a cruise and unfortunately had to have his time cut short.

In a now-viral five-part video compilation, Drew explained his situation while ported in Jamaica.

Though he could legally carry marijuana with his medical card back home in the US, Drew was taken off the cruise by security for his possession.

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Unsplash: adam gonzales

TikToker Drew was asked to leave his Royal Caribbean Cruise after being caught with medical marijuana.

TikToker leaves cruise three days early after being caught with medical marijuana onboard 

The US began legalizing medical marijuana in 1996 when California became the first state to allow its inhabitants to toke legally.

Though it would take years for other states like Hawaii, Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon, and more to legalize medical usage, the initial movement proved to be successful, as 39 states have now legalized medical consumption.

Sure, one may be able to get a doctor’s order for legal usage of THC, but just because it says it is legal in the prospective state that person lives in, doesn’t mean that the card or marijuana can be carried or used in another state — let alone a province or country.

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So when TikToker Drew carried his medical marijuana with him on his Royal Caribbean Cruise, he was slightly shocked to find that he would eventually be kicked off for assuming his medical identity would be viable in another country.

Though he was ported in Jamaica with 65 family members, Drew’s time would come to an end on the cruise after four days, just three days short of the trip’s vacation time.

In one of his five now-viral TikTok videos, Drew can be heard explaining his situation, saying, “We are currently ported in Jamaica, so we will be flying home from Jamaica and my mom will be coming with me. Unfortunately, they saw my medical marijuana, which we all know that I have, and all the senior security advisors or whatever they’re called have come to the conclusion that I must disembark.”

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Though Drew was kicked off his Royal Caribbean Cruise, he kept his spirits high while he and his mom packed their belongings and left the ship, leaving all their family members behind. 

Drew also held himself accountable for the legal situation, captioning one of his TikTok videos, saying, “This was a learning lesson for me and I know what I did wrong. Hope this helps the next person to not make the same mistake.”

After watching Drew go through his disembarkment from the cruise ship, one viewer shared a similar experience that they could have run into, saying, “Definitely a learning lesson… I have a cruise in a couple of months and I was thinking how I’d be able to smoke — now I won’t.”

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Another viewer commented on the potential legal repercussions of the entire cruise ship, relating the situation to BravoTV’s Below Deck, saying, “If it’s anything like what happened on Below Deck, Captain Sandy said the yacht could’ve been seized if something happened. I don’t know how similar.”

Though Drew was kicked off his cruise for carrying medical marijuana, he hasn’t been the only US citizen to recently run into legal trouble regarding the possession of THC, as Gigi Hadid was actually arrested in the Cayman Islands earlier this summer for transporting the drug across borders. To read more about Hadid’s experience, click here.  

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