April 24, 2024

Anti-Vaxxer Adrian Paul Aispuro Held on $35K Bail After RFK Jr. Rally Arrest

A Trump-loving internet conspiracy theorist is in Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department custody after allegedly approaching his apparent spiritual compatriot, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., while armed, The Daily Beast has learned.

L.A. authorities are holding a man on felony charges and $35,000 bail after arresting him at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre yesterday, where the disinfo superspreader Kennedy was holding a “Hispanic heritage” event.

On Twitter, Kennedy credited his private security team with intercepting the man—who he claimed was armed with ”loaded pistols and spare ammunition magazines” and a U.S. Marshal’s badge—and holding him for police.

“He identified himself as a member of my security detail,” Kennedy wrote. “Team members moved to isolate and detain the man until the LAPS arrived to make the arrest.”

The LAPD identified the accused as 44-year-old Adrian Paul Aispuro. A TikTok video posted in late July bears Aispuro’s name, and features an individual sporting an identical shirt, shoulder holsters, sunglasses, and facial hair as a photo Kennedy shared of the man detained at his rally—and has the same tattoo of the word “FREE” in Gothic lettering across his hand.

The clip shows an unseen cameraman walking along the front of a ranch-style house with a Betsy Ross flag, till he reaches the garage where Aispuro stands beside a motorcycle, with a pistol at his hip and a badge hanging around his neck. The man makes a number of bizarre statements, referring to either himself or the person filming as “God’s gangster,” and encouraging viewers to visit Rumble—a YouTube alternative known for hosting extremist content—and view the content of two hosts who have promoted QAnon-flavored conspiracy theories about aliens, shape-shifting reptilians, and the supposed “deep state cabal.”

Aispuro also expressed a belief his name has a special numerological significance, and a desire to communicate with the rival Hells Angels and Mongols motorcycle gangs.

“Do your fucking research on that last name and you’ll know who you’re fucking with,” the alleged offender said. “Let’s break some fucking kneecaps. Let’s go for a ride, dog. Let’s fuck it up. I’m putting this planet on lockdown. Defcon One, regulators mount up, stay-at-home orders effective now. That’s what’s happening. Take care of each other, protect the women and children. If I don’t make it back, call the president, your commander in chief, Donald J. Trump.”

In the video, Aispuro also gave a Gmail address that matched his account name on TikTok. An identical handle has left multiple comments on paranoid Rumble videos, including from one of the hosts he recommended on TikTok, and which indicate a hatred of inoculation regimens and an admiration for the ex-president.

“ANAGRAM FOR VACCINE: CC NAIVE!!!” reads one such comment.


Aispuro’s brother Raymond confirmed to The Daily Beast that his brother remains in custody at present.

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