April 17, 2024

Forget A New MacBook Pro, Apple Has Something Much Better

Apple is expected to delay the launch of the new M3-powered MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. For months, a mid-October release has been on the cards and macOS fans were preparing to upgrade their laptops. With the laptops held back to 2024, what options are left for those needing to take the next step?

The right answer for some may be to hold off buying new hardware until Apple does offer the M3-based hardware. The move to the M3 family of Apple Silicon chipsets will offer cooler running temperatures, leading to improved performance and more efficient use of battery life. Part of this will be due to Apple iterating the silicon design, but the move from 5nm to 3nm fabrication also plays a large part in this.

The recently launched iPhone 15 Pro family ships with the A17 Pro chipset, which has also moved to 3nm, allowing similar benefits. There are reports that the demands placed on the 3nm fabrication have resulted in Apple prioritising the iPhone over the MacBook. That situation should improve as supply becomes more prevalent, but that does require waiting.

If waiting is not an option, then a realistic look at your computing needs is in order. Thanks to Apple Silicon, the amount of performance available from the M2 chipset will be more than sufficient for most users. Those needing extra performance have undoubtedly moved up to the M2 Pro and M2 Max powered 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops – which were not expecting an update this October.

Looking over Apple’s laptop portfolio right now, there are several choices that all offer similar performance and specifications, but one stands out more than most… the 15-inch MacBook Air.

Launched in the summer of 2023 at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the 15-inch laptop is Apple’s first consumer-focused laptop with a larger screen. It’s also Apple’s latest laptop, and as the final iteration of the M2 platform, it has benefited from the widespread adoption and feedback on the previous Mac laptops.

It’s now available direct from Apple with a significant discount.

Apple has finally added the largest MacBook Air to the refurbished section of the Apple Store. Refurb machines have replaced defective parts and are inspected and certified before going on sale. When they are sold, it is with a full Apple warranty that matches the warranty of a new machine. The laptops are also eligible for Apple Care, giving you the same protection as buying a new laptop offers.

The difference is that you get a discount of around fifteen percent on the list price.

By their nature, stock levels on these laptops can vary, so check the online Apple Store for details. The first wave of refurbished 15-inch Airs arrived in the UK and a number of European territories last week and are now available in the US and Canadian stores.

If you can’t wait for the new MacBooks, these machines should be your next stop. Unless you want to consider an iPad.

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