April 24, 2024

Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Finds Backup Tieflings That Replace Anyone You Kill

Baldur’s Gate 3 doesn’t hold your hand, nor does it do much to stop you from making terrible, awful, world-ending mistakes. Instead, as many long-suffering DMs can relate to, it comes up with different ways to accommodate your decision-making. And as one player has discovered, this includes creating an entire cast of characters that most players will never see, because they’ll only be in the game if you make some pretty random killings early on.

YouTuber Proxy Gate Tactician took it upon themself to play through Act 1 in a way most players wouldn’t. Without delving into spoiler territory just yet (more on that below), it doesn’t just involve gruesome acts of needless murder, it also requires you to help those that you’re slaughtering. This mix of good and evil deeds is so nonsensical that most players would completely miss it, but Larian Studios still accounted for it, giving whoever goes down this path a unique Tiefling party at camp, full of characters you’d never see otherwise.

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As set out by Proxy Gate Tactician, the setup for this is a little complicated. When you gain access to the Druid Grove, you have to kill all of the Tieflings that would usually appear at your camp’s party later in Act 1. However, instead of killing the entire Grove, you’ll then want to head off to the goblin camp and kill all of their leaders, as you would do if you were helping the Tieflings.

If you do this, then the quest is completed and the Tieflings that you didn’t murder will get on the road to Baldur’s Gate. However, the characters that turn up to your party will have never been seen before, as they’re not among the refugees walking around the Grove. These completely new characters can be interacted with like the usual partygoers, but they’re still unique, and don’t just pinch the dialogue options of their dead counterparts. One will even ask to dance with you – something you don’t get with the usual lot.

Since most people who kill Tieflings in the Grove would be going for an outcome that doesn’t see them make it safely to Baldur’s Gate, the chances of anyone finding this on a usual playthrough are remarkably low. Still, it shows that Larian really wanted to account for every decision – and stop players from soft locking themselves.

As I mentioned before, however, Larian isn’t here to hold your hand. If you make some truly daft decisions – like letting Gale explode – you’ll just get a game over. The same can happen if you find a way to get yourself killed before you recruit a big enough party, which is pretty easy early on if you’re not careful.

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