April 18, 2024

Destiny 2 Players Are Disappointed With Crota’s End Flawless Reward


  • Destiny 2 players are disappointed with the reward for completing the Flawless run in the reprised Crota’s End raid, finding the Shed Carapace shader lackluster and dull.
  • Some fans had hoped for a shader with glow in the dark effects, like previous Hive-themed shaders, and believe Bungie missed an opportunity to reintroduce the popular Glowhoo shader.
  • While Crota’s End offers enticing rewards for normal clears, the Flawless shader falls short and disappoints many players, but Bungie is committed to improving the raid and introducing a Master difficulty version with special challenges.

Destiny 2 players are disappointed with the reward given after completing the reprised Crota’s End raid in a Flawless run. The popular raid returns with its iconic selection of Hive-based raid weapons and gear, and Destiny 2 players may earn triumphs and a Crota’s End seal by completing certain objectives.

During the August 22 showcase, Bungie confirmed the Crota’s End raid would make its Destiny 2 debut in Season of the Witch, which is also themed after the Hive. The Crota’s End raid then launched on September 1, inviting new players and returning veterans into the depths of the Moon once more. Those who complete the encounters in the reprised raid may get their hands on several fan-favorite weapons such as the Oversoul Edict pulse rifle, Song of Ir Yut machine gun, and the Swordbreaker shotgun. Moreover, the Necrochasm Exotic auto rifle returned with an updated quest line, and fans can earn additional rewards by completing raid triumphs. However, some players are unhappy with the reward given by completing one of the hardest challenges in the Crota’s End raid.

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Destiny 2 fan JimmySnip and other players in the active Reddit community are disappointed with the Shed Carapace shader, which is the reward for completing a Flawless run in the Crota’s End raid. After completing the Crota’s End raid without dying or leaving the activity, the Perfected Truth triumph may be marked as complete in order to receive the shader. JimmySnip equipped the new shader on their Guardian and wasn’t happy with its dull brown and dark red hues. Many fans believe the Shed Carapace shader is a lackluster reward for achieving a Flawless run, and others hoped that the shader would have glow in the dark effects like previous Hive-themed shaders.

Despite shaders with unique glowing effects already exist in the loot pool of Destiny 2, many fans point out the absence of the popular Glowhoo shader from the original Destiny game. Some players believe Bungie had an opportunity to capitalize on the excitement surrounding Crota’s End by reintroducing the Glowhoo shader as the Flawless reward instead of Shed Carapace.

It’s clear that Destiny 2 fans still want to earn coveted and highly sought-after rewards from Flawless raid, Trials of Osiris, and other end-game activity clears. Although Crota’s End offers many enticing rewards for normal clears, the Flawless shader falls short and disappoints many Destiny 2 community members. The shader reward for Crota’s End is unlikely to change, but Bungie appears to be committed to improving the Crota’s End raid in Destiny 2. Destiny 2 players may also look forward to challenging the Crota’s End raid on Master difficulty starting September 19. The Master version of Crota’s Raid will include Adept weapon drops and special weekly challenges.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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