April 17, 2024

Elden Ring’s Malenia Has Been Turned Into A Sekiro Boss Fight

Elden Ring is full of notorious boss fights, but none of them hold a candle to Malenia, Blade of Miquella. She’s considered the toughest boss in the game by a wide margin, mostly down to her quick attacks and Waterfowl Dance technique that can seem completely unavoidable if you’e not properly prepared for it. She feels very much like a more fast-paced Sekiro boss fight plopped in the middle of Elden Ring, which does make you wonder how the Wolf would stack up against her.

Well, we don’t have to wonder any longer, as someone has actually managed to take Malenia and add her to Sekiro. The person in question is Kento Ame, who uploaded a video of themselves taking on Malenia to their YouTube channel a couple of days ago. It appears as though this particular mod has removed the Divine Dragon boss fight and replaced it with a Malenia fight, who appears out of thin air when a bolt of lightning strikes the ground.

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A bit of fighting ensues, as Kento Ame blocks most of Malenia’s incoming blows, filling up her posture meter as a result. Once they get the first Deathblow off, this version of Malenia even turns into her second phase, leaving a poisonous flower bud behind at the same time. Most of Malenia’s moveset has been transferred over, and Sekiro even Mikiri counter’s a couple of her attacks. It’s an incredibly impressive feat of modding, and actually doesn’t look that out of place, proving that the original Malenia really is just a Sekiro boss in disguise.

Milenia isn’t the only boss fight to be added to Sekiro though, as Kento Ame has also recently uploaded a video of Sekiro fighting Slave Knight Gale from Dark Souls 3. Rather than fighting him in the Divine Dragon arena, this mod seemingly replaces Sword Saint, Isshin with Gael and has him throwing down with Sekiro in that arena instead. They even somehow managed to bring over every single one of Gael’s different phases, and it looks just as perfect as the Malenia mod.

While it might seem surprising that these boss fights have been implemented so well in Sekiro, it makes sense when you consider FromSoftware has been using the same engine for a while now. Obviously, I’m no modder, but you can assume that it’s easier to sort out mods across FromSoftware games when everything’s running off the same engine. FromSoftware even used Elden Ring’s engine for the recently released Armored Core 6, so now I definitely need to see how Malenia fares against a full blown AC.

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