April 17, 2024

Hugh Hefner’s Son Says He’s Made $33,000 on OnlyFans, Is a ‘Nepo Baby’

  • Hugh Hefner’s son has earned more than $33,000 since joining OnlyFans as a creator in March. 
  • Marston Hefner, 33, poses nude but says he doesn’t offer explicit content. 
  • He admits he’s a nepo baby and wouldn’t have the same opportunities if it wasn’t for his famous dad. 

The son of Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner said that being a “nepo baby” has helped him to earn tens of thousands in the six months since joining OnlyFans. 

The term nepo baby — short for nepotism baby — became popular after New York magazine examined the world of Hollywood nepotism. The front cover of its December issue used the term while featuring eight Hollywood celebrities in romper suits with the headline “She has her mother’s eyes. And her agent.”

Marston Hefner told Insider that he’s made more than $30,000 since March as a content creator on OnlyFans. Insider has verified his earnings through documentation. 

Hefner readily admits he’s a nepo baby: “If I wasn’t Hugh Hefner’s son I wouldn’t have seen the same opportunities I have been given. If I didn’t have my last name, it wouldn’t have been even possible to get this kind of stuff, so I’m grateful.”

Hugh Hefner sits in a chair and poses for a photo in 2005.

Hugh Hefner in 2005.

Dan Tuffs/Getty Images

The 33-year-old, who is “bisexual AF,” said OnlyFans assigned him a team who’d been “very hands-on” in teaching him how to use the platform and expand his subscriber base. 

Since joining the adult content platform in March, he’s been posting “tasteful” nude photos and said that shooting explicit content with other creators is a “hard no” as he’s in a monogamous marriage. There are more than 240 images and 80 videos available on Hefner’s OnlyFans page.

Growing up in the Playboy mansion in his early years left him thinking that nudity is acceptable, he said.

His late father left him an inheritance that was “good enough”, but he wanted to provide a “safety net” for his family. That, and a desire to expand his Pokemon card collection, led him to become an OnlyFans creator.

The Playboy founder’s second-youngest child son said the brand is no longer affiliated with the Hefner family and that he doesn’t think it wants him to join the OnlyFans rival called Centerfold.

“I don’t have an allegiance towards OnlyFans or Playboy, but OnlyFans has helped me grow a lot,” he said.

Hugh Hefner founded the Playboy magazine in 1953 and died in 2017 at the age of 91. He sold the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles the previous year to Daren Metropoulos for $100 million but was allowed to keep living in it.

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