April 24, 2024

Man’s large wheelchair cost him a chance to see Beyonce in concert

Published: 2023-09-15T22:34:07

  ❘   Updated: 2023-09-16T02:13:12

A man boarding his flight to see Beyoncé perform in Seattle was told he couldn’t enter the plane due to his wheelchair being too big.

As Beyoncé continues her Renaissance World Tour, fans flock to see her perform songs like ‘Energy’ where she gets the entire audience to go silent during the lyrics, “Big wave in the room, the crowd gon’ move. Look around, everybody on mute.” 

Beyoncé’s tour has seen so much success that she’s become the highest-grossing female artist to ever go on tour, as her sales have already amassed $461.2 million and is expected to make at least $2 billion by October.

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So when a man by the name of Jon posted on TikTok that he was unable to attend the highly-anticipated Beyoncé concert due to the size of his wheelchair, one can only imagine how heartbreaking that could have been.

Pixabay: ArtisticOperations

A man who boarded an unnamed airline wasn’t allowed to board the plane due to his large wheelchair.

Man who waited 25 years to see Beyoncé perform says “Ableism strikes again”

In a video posted to his TikTok, Jon shared his story about how he wasn’t able to see Beyoncé perform in Seattle due to his wheelchair being too large to fit onto the plane.

Jon, having cerebral palsy, isn’t able to walk to the greatest degree without additional help, so leaving his wheelchair behind when he tried to board his plane wasn’t an option.

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Though he waited “25 years” to see one of his favorite artists perform, Jon was struck with the soul-sinking news that there was no available plane that would fit his wheelchair. Attendants even searched high and low for a plane that could carry his wheelchair that was “four inches too tall to be loaded onto the plane.”

Jon ended his explainer video on TikTok saying, “Ableism strikes again,” indicating that his cerebral palsy has affected other opportunities in his life, as well.

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Those who have seen Jon’s story took to his comments section to express empathy and say that he should be given a private Beyoncé show, saying, “I’m sorry this happened. Hoping Beyoncé’s team sees this and makes arrangements for you to see a show.”

Another viewer commented to apologize to Jon for his trouble boarding the plane, to which Jon responded, “I’m conflicted, because they are refunding me and the person did try every airline. I’m sad and pissed — but it’s not their fault.”

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Jon was also sure to not mention the airline that wouldn’t allow him to board his flight with his large wheelchair, as he posted a follow-up video saying that it is essentially “all airlines” who were and are unable to fulfill his needs as a disabled citizen.

However, Jon did thank viewers for sharing their support and tagging Beyoncé in his comments. 

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