April 20, 2024

Starfield Player Finds Way To Kill NPCs Without Getting A Bounty

If you go around killing innocents in Starfield, you’ll get told off. Expected, aye? It’s usually just a slap on the wrist or a fine – the future is very liberal about murder – but it’s a bit of a pain when you want to steal someone’s outfit or go on a reckless killing spree without consequence. Luckily, there’s a way to avoid the bounties, and it doesn’t involve stealth.

As discovered by –Qwerty, Bethesda physics are still Bethesda-ing. You can pick up props, like a trash can or old computer, and repeatedly swing them at NPCs to deplete their health. It isn’t as efficient as a revolver to the face or a few swings of a sword, but eventually, they’ll keel over and die. And you didn’t technically kill them, since the game registers it as the prop doing all the work.

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That means you don’t get a bounty, since it isn’t murder. It’s accidental, an act of god, a stroke of bad luck. Not the invisible hand of the player levitating objects to pummel NPCs to death. Just go into the third-person and watch – you had space powers even before the main quest.

Once they’re dead, all bets are off. You won’t get a bollocking for looting their corpse. Apparently, the finder’s keeper rule applies to the recently… not murdered. Next of kin? Nah. Loved ones? Fuck ’em. Whoever happens to ‘stumble’ on their corpse gets dibs, which if you’re also dipping your toes into Baldur’s Gate 3, doesn’t work there. Just as a heads up – you’ll get shit if you go around looting townsfolk.

The reason –Qwerty did this to begin with was that they needed the Akila Security Uniform, but didn’t want to break any laws or get any bounties placed on their head. You can do this just by hiding in the shadows and killing a guard with a silenced weapon, the ol’ stealth archer way, but if your character is a loud and brash type, it won’t work.

Cue the discovery of smashing an enemy to death with a physics object. All the while the Akila City Security officer talks to them as though they’re just passing by on the street, rather than falling to their hands in knees as they cling to what little is left of their life. It’s a little morbid, sure. Other applications of this include – assassinating someone without them fighting back or you getting caught, killing inconsequential NPCs near loot, and getting around firefights with pivotal characters before you talk to them.

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