April 24, 2024

Animal Crossing Fan Makes Adorable Pixel Art of Nook’s Cranny


  • Animal Crossing continues to captivate players and inspire fan creations, including pixel art versions of iconic buildings like Nook’s Cranny.
  • Fans responded with adoration to a pixel recreation of Nook’s Cranny, praising the cute design and detailed animation.
  • The series has become a staple in the life-simulation genre, with fans loving the cute villagers and lighthearted gameplay.

One of the most popular Nintendo franchises of all time, Animal Crossing continues to captivate players and inspire them to create fan art, such as an adorable pixel version of Nook’s Cranny. The shop is one of the most iconic buildings throughout the series, and this sweet ode to Tom Nook’s store is just one of many delightful Animal Crossing fan creations.

The first game in the Animal Crossing franchise was released in 2001, and the series has gone on to become a staple in the life-simulation video game genre. Fans have loved the cute villagers and lighthearted gameplay for years, and many players continue to enjoy sharing their unique fan creations with fellow Animal Crossing lovers.

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Animal Crossing player pixel_jess shared an adorable recreation of Nook’s Cranny. The animated artwork features an isometric display of the iconic shop, along with smaller nods to the game’s features. Tom Nook’s shop, which serves as a frequent location for players to visit in the game, is shown with the classic marquee sign atop a blue roof, the drop-off box where players can sell items, and even the “hot items sign board,” which notifies players of what they should sell for top profits. The shop is seated between two trees, one bearing apples and the other bearing bags of bells, the in-game currency. A small set of steps leads down to a lower-level with flowers, a butterfly, a wraparound walkway, and a stray bag of bells. Floating above the shop is a blue ballon tied to a white gift box with a red ribbon. Balloon presents are a staple in the Animal Crossing game franchise, so this detail adds a notable level of fan appreciation to the art. The animation also invigorates the already gorgeous work with an extra breath of life.

Fellow Animal Crossing fans responded to the artwork with adoration and praise, highlighting the incredibly cute pixel design and detailed animation elements. One commenter noted the calming vibe of the animation, which pairs perfectly with the relaxing ambiance of the games in the Animal Crossing franchise. The latest game in the series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, continues to maintain fan interest as players find new and unique ways to enjoy the adorable world of Animal Crossing.

While rumors of a new Animal Crossing game remain unconfirmed, fans continue to show their love of the legendary franchise. With incredible creations both in-game and in real life, Animal Crossing fans regularly prove that the beloved series is one of the most popular gaming franchises today.

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