April 17, 2024

Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Turns Endgame Boss Into A Cat

If a boss is proving too difficult, push them off a cliff. It’s the best way to avoid a tough fight in Baldur’s Gate 3, especially since you can distract them with dialogue and switch to another character. But if you’re growing tired of shove, there’s always the wild magic route, which let one player turn a particularly difficult endgame boss into a sassy, hissing cat.

Spoilers for Astarion’s questline in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Act 3, you can finish Astarion’s questline by confronting the vampire lord Cazador Szarr. He’s every bit the pompous, arrogant, and egotistical monster that Astarion claimed, marking his vampire spawn with carvings for a ritual to gain immense power. You can have a little chit-chat with him to start, but the path is clear – you’re gonna have to fight this guy. Being as he’s an undead clawing for god-like power, he’s tough.

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But instead of doing what many of us probably did, shoving him off the edge into the abyss, StandsForVice turned him into a cat. And in the screenshot embedded below, you can still Cazador still spouting off his threats in feline form, “Our ritual is complete. Can you feel its profane power?” Someone hasn’t had their kibble today, clearly.

Unfortunately, you can’t pet cats in Baldur’s Gate 3. Owlbear cubs and dogs are fair game, but not our furry feline friends. So, when Cazador (or ‘Catzador’) is transformed, you can’t rub it in by rubbing his belly. And something tells me even Astarion’s love of cats won’t get in the way of his bloodlust when it comes to killing his former master. That being said, if you aren’t comfortable pelting a cat off the edge or hammering at it with a Barbarian’s great axe, wild magic can turn bosses into other animals.

“That happened for me during a crucial fight as well,” J1nx5d said. “Pretty sure I turned [them] into a sheep the turn after. Wild magic in the game is a blast.”

Wild magic is what it says on the tin, wild. It’s unpredictable since random additional effects can happen when you cast a spell, sometimes incredibly beneficial like turning a tough boss into a harmless pet, and sometimes the opposite. “My wild magic caused a crowd of civilians to catch fire during the circus fight so like six innocent people who could’ve been saved burnt to death,” TASSPAS said.

Others share similar stories of their wild magic setting off powder kegs or turning them into sheep, not the bosses. But if you get lucky, you might just chance an encounter with Catzador.

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