April 24, 2024

Toby Fox Gives Update on Deltarune Chapter 3


  • Toby Fox provides an update on Deltarune’s third chapter, stating that it is currently in development and progressing smoothly.
  • The game’s third chapter is described as being stranger than past ones, with unusual gameplay elements expected.
  • Cut content from the third chapter was mentioned, like a stealth-focused section that was ultimately dropped due to being unnecessary and potentially not enjoyable for all players.

Toby Fox, the creator of indie game hit Deltarune, has given fans an update about the game’s third chapter on the anniversary of Undertale‘s release. This past week was the second anniversary of Deltarune‘s second chapter, alongside the eighth birthday of Toby Fox’s mega hit indie title Undertale. Currently, Deltarune is still developing the third chapter of the game, with Toby Fox also confirming that the next release for the indie RPG would include the fourth and fifth ones as well.

Toby Fox gave fans an update regarding Deltarune‘s third chapter this past July, where he assured fans that its development was going smoothly. He explained some of the things to expect, such as the final area being a lot like Queen’s castle from the second chapter. He also noted that the game’s third chapter was going to be a bit stranger than past ones, featuring unusual gameplay elements. Toby Fox has also been providing regular updates in the form of a special newsletter that fans can sign up for, in the wake of Twitter’s tumultuous issues throughout 2023. The latest newsletter from Toby Fox outlines the development state of Deltarune Chapter 3.

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In this newsletter from Toby Fox (that was also archived by Nintendo Life), it’s stated that Deltarune‘s third chapter is completely playable from beginning to end. Toby Fox noted he needed to reshuffle various parts around to make it work, but he feels it’s in a state that is fun to go through. He doesn’t consider it entirely finished, but he notes the amount of content that was left unfinished is “becoming less numerous.”

Toby Fox then gave fans an insight into a bit of cut content from Deltarune‘s third chapter, which would have introduced a stealth-focused section into the RPG. The player would have been required to move really slowly and sneak through areas, but the concept was quickly dropped, as Toby Fox and the team realized the stealth mechanics were unnecessary and the idea of forcing the player to take it slow wouldn’t be fun for some either. He did share the unused content, which includes a jazzy song that would have played, along with a unique sprite of Kris, Susie, and Ralsei sneaking around.

The rest of the newsletter contained some anecdotes regarding Toby Fox’s time outside Deltarune, such as the time he met and collaborated with Touhou creator ZUN for an officially sanctioned fan game. He also announced new merchandise from Fangamer to celebrate the eighth anniversary of Undertale, which includes a set of T-Shirts, slippers, blankets, and other nighttime accessories.

Deltarune Chapters 1 and 2 are available on PC, PS4, and Switch.

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Source: Nintendo Life

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