April 20, 2024

‘Diablo 4’ Season 2 Is So Big It Will Need Four Hours Of Reveal Streams

Diablo 4’s season 2, Season of Blood, will be arriving in about a month on October 17. Before that, Blizzard usually does a showcase to talk about the new season and changes and additions coming with it. But Season of Blood is allegedly so big, it will take two showcases to reveal it in full, at least according to Diablo GM Rod Fergusson:

Given that the last showcase was close to two hours, that puts this at probably around four hours instead. Jokes aside, I’m not sure the storyline of season 1 was even four hours of gameplay.

However, before season 1 even launched, when I talked to Blizzard about its seasonal model, they said that season 1 was going to be smaller than future seasons, because it was one that had been developed alongside the main game itself, as they wanted it to be ready close to launch. Now, future seasons, ones leading up to a new paid expansion, are supposed to be much bigger.

We know a bit about Season of Blood so far, that it’s a vampire-focused season and features what appears to be a Demon Hunter voiced by Gemma Chan. Season of the Malignant featured a very short storyline about a man and his corrupted master, with the main mechanic being socketing a few corrupted hearts into jewelry for modified builds.

Some things about Season of Blood’s gameplay have been revealed, like five reprised and new bosses as a new type of endgame activity to farm. You will get vampiric powers yourself, and there will be ways to target specific uniques and even uber-unique items to farm, as it appears uber-uniques are going to be finally more accessible than the one-in-a-million drop rates they currently have.

I am wondering if other issues with Diablo 4’s seasons will be addressed. I was repeatedly told I just had to play the Diablo seasonal model to get why people like it so much in Diablo 3, but I didn’t find that to be the case, even taking a character to level 75 or so and quickly completing the main story and getting the hearts I needed.

One of my main issues is the lack of new stuff to farm. There was essentially a single new Aspect for classes and some neutral ones. One unique, and that’s pretty much it. The hearts were the farm, and that wasn’t terribly enjoyable.

There was zero new armor to farm for cool looks in the wild, yet there were at least 25 different paid sets across all the classes in the cash shop during the season, as Diablo is convinced that it’s okay to now sell all its new cosmetic looks rather than having any of them be earned as drops. I really hope that changes.

We’ll see what they come up with in these showcases, but they don’t have dates yet. My guess would be in around two weeks or so.

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