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Dragon Ball: Is Broly Stronger Than Jiren?

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Also known as the Legendary Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball, Broly is a fan-favorite character for his amazing strength and unmatched durability. Whether it is the non-canonical version found in the movies or the most recent one that debuted in Super, Broly is an example of how powerful the characters in the franchise can be.

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Jiren, on the other hand, was considered the most powerful being in the multiverse for a long time. This unbelievably powerful alien is arguably the most difficult opponent that Goku has ever faced in the Dragon Ball anime. Between these two being, who is stronger? Keep reading to learn if Broly is stronger than Jiren in Dragon Ball.

Beware of spoilers for Dragon Ball.

Can Broly Beat Jiren in Dragon Ball?

Screenshot: Toei Animation

Based on what we have seen in the show, Broly seems to be slightly stronger than Jiren. While it could be argued that Jiren could fight hand-to-hand with Ultra Instinct Goku and Broly could not, the latter did endure a short battle with Gogeta Blue. This fusion is several times stronger than Goku and Vegeta, as he possesses the power of both combined.

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However, while Broly is arguably stronger than Jiren, this does not mean he would emerge victorious during a fight. While using his full power, Broly enters a rampage, a state in which he cannot fully control his moves. A veteran fighter like Jiren would have no issues evading Broly’s attacks and finding a countermeasure to win.

Could Jiren surpass Broly?

Screenshot: Toei Animation

We have not seen Jiren since the end of the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super. We have no means of knowing if the Pride Trooper has been training to overcome his previous limit. If we assume Jiren has stayed at the same power level as last time, it is unlikely that he could have become stronger than Broly.

Besides his natural strength, Broly has been training to control his Legendary Super Saiyan form better. If he manages to remain in control, he could become a nigh-unbeatable adversary. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that Jiren became the most powerful being in his universe without any special training.

The alien could have achieved unprecedented levels of power if he continued his preparations for his rematch with Goku. It is hard to predict how strong Jiren could have become, but he might be at the same level as an Angel, as he was already stronger than his God of Destruction.

– This article was updated on September 16th, 2023

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