April 20, 2024

Starfield Player Stumbles Upon Enemy Type That May Be Scarier Than Terrormorphs


  • Starfield players are encountering a variety of dangerous and unnatural creatures, including the aggressive Terrormorphs and the even scarier Hunting Cephalopods.
  • The Hunting Cephalopods are extremely powerful and can easily kill players if they’re not properly equipped with armor. They look like a cross between a giant spider and an octopus.
  • Players have shared their own encounters with the Hunting Cephalopods, including finding flying and cloaked versions, as well as fighting multiple creatures alone at night.

One unlucky Starfield player runs into an enemy type that makes the game’s Terrormorphs look like a normal creature in comparison. As more players start exploring the different worlds in Starfield, different enemy types are starting to be discovered, fleshing out the game’s expansive universe.

When the first trailers started dropping for Starfield, many people wondered how much alien life there would be in the game. Now that the game is out, fans have encountered plenty of unnatural creatures, and a lot of them want to kill the player. One of the more dangerous aliens in Starfield is the Terrormorph, a four-legged spider-like creature known for its aggressive nature and acid spit. Players can run into Terrormorphs on any planet in the game, and killing one will net them a good amount of XP. As it turns out, there are more spider-like creatures for the player to worry about while traveling from planet to planet.

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Reddit user GourdEnthusiast posted a video of another creature in Starfield that many players would find much scarier than Terrormorphs. In the clip, the player can be seen exploring a barren planet, just like any other normal day. Suddenly, a level 40 spider-octopus-type creature appears from behind a rock and quickly chases after the player. GourdEnthusiast fires their AK-47, but the strange monster barely feels it. The player tries to hide behind a nearby rock, but the creature just crawls right over it and keeps attacking. Eventually, the GourdEnthusiast manages to put enough rounds into the spider creature to finally take it down.

The creature that GourdEnthusiast ran into is called a Hunting Cephalopod, and they can be found on the planet Nirvana 2 in Starfield. They are extremely powerful creatures who can easily kill some players with one hit if they don’t have the proper armor. The recommended way to handle these creatures is for players to level up their jet packs to stay in the air and take them out from above.

In the comments for the video, other players mention that they’ve also encountered Hunting Cephalopods in Starfield, with some of the stories sounding scarier than the posted clip. One commenter claimed to have found a flying version of this creature in the Archimedes System, one found a cloaked version on a random planet, and another person fought three of these creatures alone at night. With a thousand planets in Starfield, there’s no telling what other types of creatures people will find as they travel the stars.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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