April 17, 2024

Funny Starfield Clip Shows Vasco Assaulting Quest-Critical NPC


  • Vasco is a popular companion among Starfield players due to his friendly nature and unique robotic traits, such as his lack of human qualities and willingness to engage enemies.
  • However, a bug in the game has led to a hilarious moment where Vasco mistakenly knocks out a quest-critical NPC during a dialogue scene, potentially causing issues for players progressing in the game.
  • While some players have criticized Starfield’s companions for being shallow compared to previous Bethesda games, Vasco’s simplicity allows players more freedom in their actions, although human companions offer different moral perspectives and relationship dynamics.

It didn’t take long for Vasco to become a fan-favorite character among the Starfield community, but one hilarious moment sees the robotic companion losing his cool and knocking a quest-critical NPC character unconscious during a dialogue scene. Many gamers are well-accustomed to traveling the worlds of previous Bethesda games with companions, and Starfield is no different, with there being several characters willing to accompany players across the stars.

Vasco is just one of the available companions in Starfield, being the first one that players will travel with throughout the beginning of their playthroughs. The robotic companion is typically considered to be one of the more pleasant characters to travel with due to his friendly nature and is capable of performing a range of useful tasks from carrying cargo to engaging enemies with a built-in laser weapon. Many players actually prefer Vasco’s presence due to his lack of human traits, though there is also a range of human characters that players can travel with and recruit to their crews.

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Vasco’s absence of human qualities means that he doesn’t think twice about annihilating enemy forces by any possible means, but one hilarious clip shows the robot applying brutal force against an innocent NPC instead, likely due to a bug. The video was captured and shared on Reddit by the user Hylyx_. The clip starts off with the player in a conversation with a friendly NPC after aiding them, only for Vasco to interrupt the discussion by suddenly punching the character unconscious. What’s more, the victim NPC is actually quite important, as they can provide a stepping stone to further missions and quests in Starfield.

Starfield‘s companions have been the subject of much discussion from fans as players have delved further into the game’s massive world, with some players showing off hilarious or surprising interactions with their companions and others criticizing the game’s characters for being much more shallow than those seen in previous Bethesda games. While Vasco presents a more simplistic companion who doesn’t tend to mind what actions the player takes, he also lacks certain features as a result of this simplicity. Human companions have their own sets of morals which they project onto the player and their actions at times, and can grow to form different relationships with them as a result.

Starfield may not feature that many unique companions compared to other titles from its developer, but it’s important to remember that players are free to explore the galaxy by themselves if they prefer to. The game offers certain perks and traits that help to accommodate this playstyle, and it might not be a bad idea for players who are worried about brutal but accidental acts of violence.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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