April 24, 2024

The Boys Social Media Account Makes Reference To Tek Knight From Comic


  • Tek Knight’s inclusion in The Boys’ spinoff Gen V is a nod to his controversial desires from the graphic novel.
  • The show’s tweet teasing Tek Knight’s role suggests that his disturbing impulses may be explored in the adaptation.
  • While Tek Knight was not as evil as other superheroes in the comic, his repugnant urges and extreme homophobia added a comedic subplot.

Following the report that one of the supes from The Boys graphic novel, Tek Knight, will appear in the show’s spinoff Gen V, the show’s X account made a rather crude joke about the character, referencing his uncontrollable desire to have sex with anything that moves.

Tek Knight, who is essentially a cross between Iron Man and Batman in The Boys comic both as a hero and as a person, was announced as one of the characters for the Prime Video hit show’s spinoff titled Gen V. Because of what the character was known best for doing in the comic, the show took a shot at the character as a wink-wink for fans who know full and well what Tek Knight’s issues were.

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Following Entertainment Weekly’s report that Tek Knight would appear on The Boys’ spinoff Gen V, the show’s X account made a crack at Tek Knight’s one rather despicable personality trait from the graphic novel. “If God U’s curriculum has any holes, Tek Knight’s gonna find ‘em,” they wrote. Whether that’s a hint of what Tek Knight will do in the show or simply a reference to the character’s actions in the comic book was unclear.

This references Tek Knight’s one rather repugnant quality from The Boys graphic novel. Due to an inoperable brain tumor, Tek Knight developed the irresistible urge to fornicate with whatever hole was within his eyesight, whether from his sidekick, Laddio, or the holes from a Meteor that he protected Earth from. This could hint that the adaptation of Tek Knight may not be too far off from his comic book counterpart. Although knowing how disgusting his urges were, one has to wonder how far the show is willing to go to pull off their version of Tek Knight.

Despite The Boys‘ comic book being all about how superheroes are evil people despite their heroism, Tek Knight was not nearly as evil as most of his supe counterparts, outside of his urges that the novel explained were not of his choosing. Tek Knight more or less took after Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark by being a wealthy man who used his powers to help people but also used his rich standing to become a renowned philanthropist. Although, in the comic, he was also an extreme homophobe, which is what made the subplot about him wanting to have sex with his male sidekick kind of funny. Sidenote: he doesn’t act on his desires and uses his desires for heroic deeds in the end.

Fans should be excited to see how they portray Tek Knight to see if he’s anything like the character in the graphic novel. While the show has accurately depicted some of its characters from the comic book, they’ve also taken some liberties with others, like Soldier Boy. In the comics, he was a coward who was pretty easy for The Boys to take out. However, he never shied away from a challenge and was invincible in The Boys season 3, Tek Knight more likely than not won’t be a replica of what he was like in the comics because of how disturbing his impulses were, but he may not be too far off from that version either.

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