April 17, 2024

Patch 10.2 Might Be Huge for Druids


  • Patch 10.2 in World of Warcraft introduces new customizations for Druid shapeshifting forms, including Moonkin and fiery forms.
  • The Emerald Dream plays a significant role in this patch, with many Druid characters appearing in the new zone.
  • Fans have discovered consumable items in the game’s Public Test Realm that unlock additional Druid form options, such as owlbears, cat raptors, and aquatic creatures.

World of Warcraft may be adding tons of new Druid shapeshifting form customizations in Patch 10.2, Guardians of the Dream. Players already knew this patch was going to be huge for Druid players in World of Warcraft, but it might be even bigger than they thought.

Patch 10.2 takes players to the Emerald Dream, the idyllic fey-like realm associated with nature, Druids, and the Green Dragonflight. Tons of Druid characters will appear in the new zone, and many of the cosmetics players can earn in the Emerald Dream will be perfect for Druid players in World of Wacraft.

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Some of these new cosmetics will include customizations for Druid shapeshifting forms. During the patch reveal and subsequent interviews, World of Warcraft developers confirmed Druids would be getting some new Moonkin forms for the Balance specialization, plus some fiery forms from the raid. While the full breadth of these customizations is currently unknown, images revealed by Blizzard show off some ideas of what players might expect these forms to look like.

That said, Druids might be getting way more forms than players originally surmised. In the Patch 10.2 Public Test Realm, fans discovered Marks, Glyphs, and other consumable items to unlock other Druid forms in the barbershop. Here are some of the creatures Druid players might be able to transform into in Patch 10.2:

  • Flowery Bristlebruins, owlbear-like Umbraclaws, and the stony bipedal Runebear for the Bear form.
  • Dreamsabers and the raptor-like Dreamtalon for the Druid’s Cat form.
  • Somnowls for the aerial Travel form, Dreamstags for on the ground, and the Whiskerfish from World of Warcraft’s six-month reward for aquatic Travel form.

Exactly what the fiery Druid forms entail is currently unknown. However, the Druids of the Flame from Cataclysm play a major role in Patch 10.2, and updated fiery shapeshifting forms can be seen in the PTR. It is possible players will be able to earn these forms–and maybe even the Druid of the Flame character customizations–in the upcoming raid.

World of Warcraft has also confirmed it is making every class playable by any race in the future. Patch 10.2 itself won’t be removing any class limitations, but many suspect Patch 10.2.5 might do so. As of Patch 10.1.5, only Druid, Paladin, and Shaman aren’t fully available, and given the theme of the patch, as well as the abundance of new race-agnostic shapeshifting forms, many suspect Druids may be next. Players will have to wait and see if their theory is correct once World of Warcraft reveals Patch 10.2.5 after Guardians of the Dream drops.

World of Warcraft is available now for PC.

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